Marathon Training {Weeks 1-3}

When I began training for my first full marathon, I knew I wanted to document my experience on the blog in some way. While I include a basic overview of my workouts in my “Week In Review” posts, I want to share the significant highlights and milestones, my fueling strategy, etc. 

I have some catching up to do, so let’s get to weeks 1 through 3!

Week 1 (June 9-15)

This was the week before I moved to Florida. I had already resigned from my job and was packing and cleaning like a crazy woman. I made time for running because it helped relieve the stress associated with moving. As I often do, I relied on running to provide comfort and a sense of balance.

I had a long run of 10 miles scheduled, but it just didn’t happen. Not a big deal to me; life happens. I’m happy with what I did accomplish!

hiking at Oakley Corners

Runs: 3.65 miles @ 9:35 pace, 8×400 @ ~8:00 pace w/ 400 recovery (5 miles total), 3 miles @ 9:04 pace, 4 miles @ 9:09 pace
Total miles: 18.57
Other workouts: bootcamp class, cardio & strength class x2, 3 mile hike
# of rest days: 0

Week 2 (June 23-29)

If you’re wondering what happened to June 16-22nd- I didn’t run at all. Mike and I left for Florida on the 16th and walked a lot throughout the week to remain active. I started training again on the 23rd, the day after Mike went back to NY.

I took advantage of guest passes at a couple of gyms and tried Body Pump for the first time! I most definitely enjoyed running indoors on a treadmill, too. I’m still adjusting to the South Florida heat and humidity.

florida heat

Runs: 3 miles (unsure of pace), 3 miles @ 10:13 pace, 6×800 @ ~8:13 pace w/ 400 recovery (5 miles total), 1 mile @ 8:57, 3 miles @ 9:56 pace, 6 miles @ 10:09 pace
Total miles: 21
Other workouts: 6.5 miles walking, Body Pump x2
# of rest days: 1

Week 3 (June 30-July 6)

I didn’t supplement running with a significant amount of cross training or strength training. No Body Pump this week because my guest pass expired. I felt great during each run, though! The 10 miler was the longest I’ve ran since the Bridge Run Half Marathon in May. After this long run, I’m more confident about running for hours in the heat.

I started documenting what I ate before and during my runs. I ate a banana before speed work and for the 10 miler, I consumed a Honey Stinger Vanilla Waffle (before), Fruit Punch Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder mixed with 22 oz. of water (during), two PowerBar Raspberry Energy Blasts (at 3.5 miles) and a PowerBar Berry Blast Power Gel (at 5.5 miles).

Gatorade Thirst Quencher

The Gatorade Powder tasted fruity, which I like, but I think it made me more thirsty. Or maybe it was just a combination of running 10 miles and needing to stay hydrated. I dunno. The Power Gel definitely gave me an extra boost and it’s by far the best gel I’ve consumed. The texture and thickness of other brands make me gag.

PowerBar Power Gel

Runs: 10×400 @ 7:53-8:00 pace w/ 400 recovery (5 total miles), 4.61 miles @ 9:21 pace (Fit2Run group run), 1 mile @ 9:34, 10 miles @ 9:53 pace
Total miles: 20
Other workouts: 4 miles walking, 30 second plank, 25 pushups, 8 minute abs
# of rest days: 2

Overall Thoughts

week 3 marathon training - 10 miler

Right now, running 26.2 miles seems like a daunting task. Yet, I am feeling optimistic that I can do anything I put my mind (and body) to. I know it’s important to slowly build up my mileage and incorporate “drop-back’ weeks into training. I trust my marathon training plan.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to fuel properly before and during my runs. I realize every runner is different and what works for you may not work for me. Mike and I have lots of goodies from our Runnerbox and StrideBox subscriptions, so now is the time for trial and error.

What are your fueling tips? / Are you training for an upcoming race?

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