Alphabet Dating

Mike and I are usually indecisive about date night activities and often end up going out for dinner. Even though we have a great time, we’ve wanted to change things up, try new activities in the area, and think outside of the box.

I came across Dating ABC’s as I was browsing Carlee’s blog the other day. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!

The idea behind Dating ABC’s/Alphabet Dating is to use the letters of the alphabet to generate ideas for dates. So for the first date maybe we’ll see a movie that starts with the letter ‘A’ or make an apple pie. For the ‘B’ date, maybe we’ll go bowling or go to the beach (<– highly unlikely considering where we live). See how it works?

alphabet dating We’re looking forward to starting Alphabet Dating this week! Time to brainstorm ideas for the ‘A’ date…

Have you done Dating ABC’s/Alphabet Dating?
What are some of your favorite ideas for dates?

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  1. This is the cutest idea ever! Did you decide on an A date yet?
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